10.–12. Dec. 2020, Vienna





Save the Date – Menopause Congress 2020
10.–12. Dezc. 2020 in Vienna


Dear colleagues!

We are happy to report the positive response of the participants to our anniversary congress in December. The interdisciplinary scientific program was positively received and evaluated: “This congress is a promoting factor, a thought process and a source of inspiration” was the assessment of a congress participant.

Selection of planned main topics for 2020:

  • “Environment, health, ecology – new perspectives – new implications – and a multitude of relevant facets”
  • “The best medicine for humans is humans. The highest level of this medicine is love”
  • “ Dealing with yourself - an Art - an Anti-Aging prevention”
  • “Mainstream Aging – Basic Research in an Aging Society – The End of Aging – An Anti-Aging Update”
  • “Metformin in use: a broad-spectrum preventive in old age”
  • “Genetics-epigenetics – individually controllable – changeable? Facts and Myths – Predictive Genetic Analysis - Relevance in Science and Practice”
  • “Digital implications in science and practice, biohacking – individual therapeutic relevance”
  • “Menopause andropause – ethical differences and social aspects – the guidelines of international professional societies”
  • “HRT in metobal syndrome”
  • “Pulsatile GnRH therapy for hypothalamic amenorrhea”
  • “HRT with estrogen and bazedoxifene”
  • “Pulsatile therapy with LG-RH revisited”
  • “Nutrition – Groceries – Food - How Humans Become What They Eat – The Evolution of Nutrition”
  • “Obesity and metabolic syndrome - the norm of the future”
  • “Covid 19 - Potential Benefits of Probiotics”
  • “Life programming pregnancy – phylogenesis – ontogenesis”
  • “Aesthetic medicine – aesthetic dermatology: extracellular pathways in skin aging”
  • “Gender specific medicine: supplement-divergence symbiosis - social and medical relevance”
  • "Is a second Victorian era coming?"
  • ”Eros Sex Cupid in Age Prevention: Hypoactive sexual desire disorders“
  • “Innovation, indication and perspectives of the new stem cell therapy in the aging process”
  • "Social Freezing - Science Fiction or Future?"
  • "Follicle induction with gonadotropins - state of the art"
  • "Menopausal ultrasound – 'hands on' presentation”
  • Young Scientific Award
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